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Your One-Stop Electronics Manufacturing Service Provider

Ionics is a service EMS provider with a full spectrum of Manufacturing know-how supported by in-house Fabrication of Materials, Engineering Design, ODM Development, Supply Chain Management, and Corporate Investments.


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Ionics EMS, Inc. offers unique vertical EMS solutions to the 21st century EMS marketplace. Its business is focused on supplying Manufacturing, Product Development, and Engineering Services to the global OEMs. Ionics offerings are accentuated by our location of the Philippines, Now a Strategic EMS region in Asia.

Supply Chain Management


Ionics EMS, Inc. Supply Chain is consist of over 50 professionals covering areas in Procurement, Planning, Purchasing and Logistics. Managing more than 500 different suppliers around the world, covering all types of commodities and handling more than 14,000 components, we can provide you with scalability and flexibility.

Design and Engineering


Ionics EMS, Inc. is your trusted partner in bringing your concepts to life, allowing you to explore the full potential of your idea by providing you with the resources you need to take it further. As an original design house, we focus on bringing our customers world-class design services for the creation of new collaborative projects & technology.

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Head Office

No. 14 Mountain Drive
Light Industry and Science Park of the Philippines 2

Brgy. Lamesa, Calamba City, Laguna, Philippines 4027

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