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Design Engineering

Ionics EMS started its design services back in 2007 as a support to existing Ionics manufacturing services customers who wish to extend their product’s life cycle. 

Part of the initial services offered was the replacement of EOL (end-of-life) components and update of the customer’s existing product design in order to leverage more cost-effective alternatives. From these early value engineering activities, Ionics strengthened its design engineering to become a dedicated department for all product development needs.

In 2009, Ionics released its first Original Design Manufacturing (ODM) product in the market called the “PlugComputer” which served as a development platform and white-label product for new customers.

In 2017, the “Ionics Internet-of-Things (IoT) Platform” was launched boasting a more powerful processing capability and industrial grade components that address modern factory/building automation requirements.


Since Electronics Manufacturing Services is Ionics’ core business, compatibility of the product design is always ensured thru our established in-house procedures:

  • Design & Development Procedure + Design Rule Book

  • Design for Manufacturing & Assembly (DFMA)

  • Design for Cost (DFC)

  • Design for Supply Chain Management (DFSCM)

  • Design for Testability (DFT)

  • Engineering Change Management


Ionics EMS offers the following design services:

  • Scoping (Product Specifications, Estimated Project Timeline, Estimated Unit Cost)

  • New Product Development (from product concept to mass production)

  • Value Engineering (for customers with existing product design)

  • Schematic Drawing & PCB Design Layout Services

  • Industrial Design Services

  • Software Development Services

  • Test Development Services

  • Product Regulatory Compliance

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