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What is a Plug Computer?

plug computer

It is a small, powerful computer. It plugs into the wall socket and an ethernet cable, and can run network-based services that normally require a dedicated personal computer. The plug uses low power and utilizes only a small fraction of the energy consumed by an always-on desktop computer or laptop.

The device is meant to simplify the management of digital assets by offering PC-like performance at an inexpensive price. A software service can be bundled together with a plug computer and can be targeted at different market segments. Everyday consumers can use the plug for media sharing and backup services.

Secure, manage and share digital content seamlessly, conveniently and efficiently with the compact Plug Computer.

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Ionics Plug Computer Official Brief (127KB)

Ionics Plug Computer Development Kit
Official Brief (63KB)

Ionics JTAG USB Driver
(zip - 840KB)








    Developer’s Kit

    For developers, a development kit is available which comprises the Developer’s version of the Plug Computer and an add-on USB-based debug connection (with access to UART and JTAG) which enables simple debugging and reprogramming.

    Included with the Development Kit Hardware are:

        • Bundled Linux distribution, Developer’s SDK & Documentation
        • Community support


        Ionics Plug Computer Block Diagram