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IDEX ASA and Ionics EMS Inc.
Enter Into Strategic License Agreement.


FORNEBU, NORWAY and MANILA, PHILIPPINES, 24 September 2009 -- IDEX ASA (IDEX) and Ionics EMS Inc. (Ionics) have entered into a strategic IP licensing agreement providing Ionics rights to manufacturing and sales of fingerprint sensor products based on IDEX’ patented SmartFingerÒ technology.

IDEX offers SmartFingerÒ swipe fingerprint sensor technology and authentication solutions that facilitate simple integration into a wide range of products including laptops and PC peripherals, mobile phones, storage devices, as well as embedded solutions such as hand-held ID terminals, ID cards, Bank Cards and Smart Cards.

Ionics is a leading Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) provider and also provides Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) services including product design and design support, new product introduction, industrial engineering and manufacturing system as well as integrated supply chain management.
The Agreement entails transfer of IDEX’ sensor products to Ionics’ manufacturing plant enabling the partners to serve the high volume markets. Ionics possesses manufacturing expertise, supply-chain management skills and customer channels and is thus perfectly suited to advance the award-winning SmartFingerÒ technology to cost-effective, high quality, high-volume production.
“I am very pleased with this Strategic Licensing Agreement”, says Ralph W. Bernstein, CEO and CTO of IDEX, “Ionics EMS Inc. is an excellent industrialization and distribution partner, and a perfect match for IDEX in order to support the fast growing markets for fingerprint sensor products worldwide and especially in Asia.”
“The SmartFinger technology of IDEX is exciting and promising,” states Larry Qua, Chairman and CEO of Ionics EMS Inc. “This partnership supports IDEX’ growth plans and aligns with our own strategic thrust.”



IDEX ASA is a Norwegian company specializing in fingerprint imaging and recognition technology, and a leading provider of intellectual property (IP) within the field of fingerprint swipe sensors. IDEX’ vision is to ensure individuals a safe, secure, and user friendly interface to the information society. IDEX offers the SmartFinger® single-line fingerprint swipe sensors with low power consumption, small size and optimal user experience through superior biometric performance and navigation functionality. The SmartFinger® IP is available to customers under a technology licensing scheme or as SmartFinger® sensor chips and authentication solution ready to be designed into customers’ products. IDEX share trades are reported on the A-list of the Norwegian Stockbrokers Association's OTC List. For more information, please visit or contact IDEX at:


About Ionics EMS Inc.

Ionics EMS, Inc. is Philippines’ leading electronics manufacturing services provider listed at the Singapore Stock Exchange. It is most experienced in the industry with a 35-year track record. It offers OEM and ODM services with product design and design support, new product introduction, industrial engineering and manufacturing system and integrated supply chain management. Among its clients are the prominent players in the global electronics scene and leaders in PC and computer peripherals, telecommunications, consumer electronics, industrial and medical equipment.
It has strong expertise and experience in telecommunication manufacturing, both wired and wireless. Some of the high-technology products are wifi, wimax, broadband and modular architectures, multiservice access nodes, satellite transceivers, etc.
For more information, please visit or contact


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IDEX ASA is a Norwegian firm specializing in fingerprint imaging and recognition technology. It won the Frost & Sullivan “2009 Global Swipe Sensor Product Differentiation Innovation of the Year Award.”